Huge Fines, Prison For University ‘Contract Cheating’ Services

The federal government is cracking down on cheating in Australian universities, but there are concerns innocent students could be caught up.

New legislation has been drafted making it an offense to provide a cheating service to university students in Australia.

Under the proposed changes, businesses caught making changes to an assignment could be slapped with a $210,000 fine or a two-year prison sentence.

The Morrison government is targeting so-called “contract cheating” services which allow students to pay an upfront fee in exchange for someone else to complete an assignment or sit an exam.

“Contract cheating undermines the integrity of our higher education system,” Education Minister Dan Tehan said in a statement to 10 days on Tuesday.

“It rewards people who pay others to do their work and punishes students who do the right thing”.

Contract cheating is on the rise, with tens of thousands of students caught using the service last year.
“A 2018 survey of 14,000 Australia students at eight Australian universities reported 840 who admitted to using a contract cheating service,” Tehan said.

Nick, a Ph.D. student at the University of Wollongong, said the idea of paying someone to do your work seemed “fundamentally wrong” and unfair to students who put the work in.

“The closest analogy I can think of is it’s like taking steroids in an Olympic sport,” he told 10 daily.

“But it’s not even that, you’re not even competing with anyone else, and someone else is running the race for you.”

Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona Jackson supported the legislation and said it sent a “powerful signal” to deter commercial operators from trying to sell such services.

“Australia’s universities utterly condemn contract cheating,” she said in a statement.

“We absolutely support the intention of the Government and Education Minister Dan Tehan to tackle commercial cheating services.”

But Jackson has stressed the importance of getting the legislation right before it goes to parliament later this year.

She’s concerned it could affect students who have simply sought help from friends or family.

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Writer E. Jean Carroll Accuses President Trump of Sexual Assault

Michael Danby charged taxpayers to pay staffer ‘after-hours’ consultancy fees

Former Labor MP Michael Danby charged taxpayers thousands of dollars to pay one of his staffer’s consultancy fees to provide an after-hours “communications service” that included writing an anti-Greens opinion piece.
Invoice documents from Danby’s office, released through freedom of information law, show he contracted a firm named Developer Approvals Australia for a range of communications consultancy work between October 2018 and February 2019.

The work included advice on targeted social media campaigns for the electorate, coordinating work to be done by a video production company for Danby, briefing a graphic designer on ads to be taken out in the local press, and other duties typically handled by electorate staff.
Included in the invoices published by the department are “development of communications – graphics and copy for mass mailout of the electorate (anti-Green)” and the “writing of anti-green op-ed for Australian Financial Review”. The individual costs of the items were redacted.

According to an ASIC search, James Bingham is the sole director of Developer Approvals Australia. Bingham was a staffer for Danby and in his valedictory speech, Danby paid tribute to Bingham for returning to Australia from Spain to help Danby out with the last eight months of his political career.

Danby confirmed to Guardian Australia that the invoice related to payments to one of his staffers. But he said the communications work had been done outside of normal work hours.

Danby also said he had received approval from the relevant department for the use of the consultant.

“Unlike the Green Party who have a record of exploiting unpaid interns, I believe people should be paid for the work they do,” Danby told Guardian Australia.

“The staffer concerned provided a communications service outside normal work hours,” he said.

“Many MPs use consultants and must get approval from the dept (as I did) for their projects.”

The total cost of the work over the period was $22,355.33. Greens senator, Mehreen Faruqi, criticized Danby for the arrangement and called on him to explain why he was outsourcing the writing of his opinion pieces to a consultancy owned by his former staffer.

“As well as the issue of taxpayer funds being used for a partisan hit piece, it’s just completely lazy to outsource your ‘opinion’ writing to a former staffer’s consultancy,” Faruqi told Guardian Australia.

“Michael Danby has some explaining to do.”

The department of finance said it did not comment on individuals or individual expense claims. But it said more broadly that printing and communications expenses must be “for the dominant purpose of conducting parliamentary business” and must be value for money. “Parliamentary business includes parliamentary duties, electorate duties, party political duties or official duties,” the department said in a statement.
“The office expenses budget may be used for relevant printing and communications, including mail outs related to an MP’s parliamentary business responsibilities.”

It’s not the first time Danby has used taxpayer funds for political attacks. In 2017, Danby charged taxpayers for an ad in the Australian Jewish News that accused the ABC’s then-Middle East correspondent Sophie McNeill of bias in her reporting of Israel and Palestine.

Danby came under fire in early 2018 for charging taxpayers for trips to Queensland with his wife where no parliamentary business was conducted. At the time, Danby put the charges down to “administrative errors” that had since been repaid.

At the 2019 election, Danby’s Labor successor, Josh Burns, won the seat of Macnamara with a 5% swing towards him.
Australia’s media…

… has never been more concentrated, at a time when clear, factual reporting is so desperately needed. Guardian Australia will hold the new Coalition government to account and continue to report on the escalating climate emergency. We are editorially independent, free from commercial and political bias – this means we can promise to keep delivering quality journalism without favor or interference.

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Teyonah Parris Cast in ‘WandaVision’ at Disney Plus

“Mad Men” and “If Beale Street Could Talk” actress Teyonah Parris has been cast in Disney Plus’ “Wanda Vision” series.

She will play an adult version of Monica Rambeau, a child character introduced in the film “Captain Marvel.” The announcement was made at Marvel’s Comic-Con presentation.

The forthcoming Disney+ series about Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) will be set in the 1950s.

Parris is also known for her roles in films like Spike Lee’s “Chiraq” and Justin Simien’s “Dear White People. She has also appeared in hit TV shows like Fox’s “Empire,” and Starz’ “Survivors’ Remorse.”

Jac Schaeffer, a screenwriter for the “Captain Marvel” film, is writing, producing, and showrunning the series. “WandaVision” will be available in the second year after the scheduled Nov. 12 launch of Disney Plus.

The series joins other Marvel Studios content set for Disney’s new subscription streaming service, such as a show centering on Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, and “Loki” starring Tom Hiddleston.

“There are quite a few other comic books that we’re pulling from and it’s going to be Wanda and the Vision, and I think at the Disney Plus launch chat, they showed a photo of us in the ’50s,” Olsen told Variety. “Paul [Bettany] and I are really excited. They have a great group of writers. I think it’s going to be a total of six hours.”

Chief Executive Hyunjun Park and Chief Technology Innovation Officer Nathaniel Roquet founded Catalog in 2016. At the time, Park was an MIT postdoc and Roquet was a Harvard graduate student.

The catalog uses an addressing system that means customers can use large data sets. And even though DNA stores data in long sequences, Catalog can read information stored anywhere using molecular probes. In other words, it’s a form of random-access memory like a hard drive, not sequential access like the spools of magnetic tape you might remember from the heyday of mainframe computers a half-century ago.

Although DNA data can be disrupted by cosmic rays, Catalog argues that it’s a more stable medium than the alternatives. After all, we’ve got DNA from animals that went extinct thousands of years ago. How much do you want to bet that USB thumb drive in your desk drawer will be still useful even 25 years from now?

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Budget 2019: Government To Launch National Transport Card

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday introduced that the government is looking to launch a National Transport Card so that it will be a part of the countrywide not unusual mobility plan. The FM changed into providing the Union Budget 2019 inside the Parliament, her first-ever as a finance minister, and the Modi-led government’s first in the 2.0 regime. The countrywide transport card can be used for various modes of shipping across the USA like railways, roadways and the countrywide transport card will

ease mobility for human beings within us of a who use multiple modes of delivery to journey on an everyday foundation. A purchaser may also use this unmarried card for making payments across all segments which includes metro, bus, suburban railways, toll, parking, clever town, and retail purchasing. The stored value on the card helps offline transaction across all tour needs with a minimum economic chance to worried stake-holders. The service area feature of this card supports operator precise programs e.G. Month-to-month passes, season tickets.

Consumers might be able to pay the multiple delivery charges thru the RuPay card and they may be able to pay parking charges, bus, railway and cab price lists using this card. The finance minister persisted to speak approximately establishing waterways for cargo transportation to be able to help in decongesting roadways as also railways, for that reason easing the load on both these delivery alternatives.
Maritime Transport Consulting Service Market file gives a complete valuation of the marketplace. It does so via in-depth comprehensions, thankful marketplace boom with the aid of pursuing past developments, and analyzing the existing scenario and destiny forecasts based on innovative and possibly regions.

The Global Maritime Transport Consulting Service Market research file shows the marketplace size, share, status, production, fee evaluation, and marketplace price with the forecast period 2019-2024. Besides, upstream uncooked materials, downstream call for evaluation, consumption extent, and the marketplace proportion with the aid of segments and sub-segments have also been mentioned. The studies technique of the market entails each primary similarly as secondary studies statistics assets. It commits various factors affecting Maritime Transport Consulting Service industry including market environment, diverse guidelines of the government, past facts and marketplace tendencies, technological advancements, upcoming improvements, market danger factors, market restraints, and demanding situations in the enterprise.

The Maritime Transport Consulting Service Market record profiles the subsequent corporations, which incorporates:- Maritime Transport and Logistics Advisors, WSP, Black & Veatch, Ramboll Group, The Maritime Group, Robert Allan, Mott MacDonald, Norbridge, L.E.K. Consulting, Sea Transport Solution, Aqualis Offshore
This file research the worldwide Maritime Transport Consulting Service Market status and forecast categorizes the worldwide Maritime Transport Consulting Service

Market size (price & extent), sales (Million USD), product charge by means of manufacturers, type, utility, and area. Maritime Transport Consulting Service– Market Report with the aid of Material, Application, and Geography-Global Forecast to 2024 is an professional and some distance-achieving research provide info concerning the sector’s most important provincial financial situations, concentrating on the principle districts (North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific) and the fundamental nations (United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and China).

Product Type Coverage:- Investment Assessment & Auditing, Permitting & Compliance, Monitoring & Testing, Other

Product Application Coverage:- Coastal facilities, Marine infrastructure, Port centers

The Maritime Transport Consulting Service Market research study relies upon a mixture of number one as well as secondary research. It throws light on the key factors worried with producing and limiting Maritime Transport Consulting Service Market boom. Additionally, the historic statistics and increase inside the CAGR were given within the research file. The brand new developments, product portfolio, demographics, geographical segmentation, and regulatory framework of the Maritime Transport Consulting Service Market have additionally been blanketed inside the have a look at.

The destiny of mobility in Catalonia rests at the modifications of today

What will the future be like? It’s not possible to recognize all of the info, however, we comprehend it’ll be marked through change. We’ll have to learn to live in a volatile surrounding characterized through speedy, unpredictable modifications, a less linear future, greater open than ever before. The technological, social, financial, environmental or even moral modifications taking area in the global these days cannot be in comparison with some other period in records. Never have we lived with so many simultaneous modifications that are so complicated to apprehend.

Not only is the public shipping area susceptible to this revolution, but it’s very own transformation as a region boosts its potential to be a catalyst for adjustments that move far beyond its own sphere. None of the incredible monetary and social adjustments because the business revolution has come about without huge-scale improvements to move structures, in particular, public ones. This time too, the financial and social paradigm shift will require in-intensity adjustments in the mobility quarter.
As a public delivery company, FGC feels it’s far on the center of the concerns and challenges faced through Catalan society today. But we additionally experience implicated because the entirety we construct in Barcelona, in Catalonia, is beneficial or can help to fulfill the global demanding situations we face nowadays, as set down within the sustainable improvement desires laid down through the United Nations.

Nearly all the 17 desires laid down inside the 2030 Agenda affect us in as a minimum some of our movements as an organization: health and nicely-being, gender equality, first-rate work, and financial increase, as an example. This is why in our method for the future – the 10/30 Strategic Agenda – we considered the 17 goals in the UN 2030 Agenda of middle significance in defining our dreams. Sustainability way not simply doing matters here and there however making sure we do no longer compromise our collective future.
Of the 17 desires, there are two that we’ve got made part of the DNA of our business enterprise: range eleven, worried with reaching more sustainable cities; and quantity 13, calling for pressing measures to combat the weather emergency. The environmental angle is a concern within the transformation being undertaken at FGC, and the only that sets the tempo for alternate in the organization. This is why one of the first commitments on our schedule is to apply a hundred in line with cent renewable energy by way of 2020, and for this to be at least 50 consistent with cent sun photovoltaic by way of 2022.

In the case of FGC, the general commitment to the battle against climate exchange springs from our dedication to decreasing nearby pollutants within the Barcelona metropolitan region, which has long suffered from high stages of nitrogen oxides and suspended particulates, basically because of the big numbers of personal motors getting into the town every day. This entails not simply the use of much fewer resources to be more green, however also growing and being extra competitive.

It could be of little use to undertake an environmental discourse and act consequently if we did not offer a good product as we continually have as an organization: a first-rate, punctual and comfy carrier. We have constructed sustainability into our DNA, however, we maintain the consumer at the center of our worries. Customers no longer make the equal journey on equal time nearly every day. The passenger of the destiny, or as an alternative the passenger of today, is a person with a specific need for mobility who wants this want met speedy, punctually, easily and competitively, whether by way of taxi, shared vehicle, on-demand bus, metro, railway or bicycle – or even via combining or 3 of this way of delivery in an unmarried journey.

The first selections took by Ferrocarrils de l. A. Generalitat in this sphere goal to consolidate the organization’s function as a true multimodal agent. We have to understand that the train or metro by myself can’t meet the public’s needs. We comprehend that train services are an critical a part of the transport community, however handiest a part.

We are moving our recognition to present our customers with “door-to-door” service. If we do now not do this, guests will search for options that do not always contain using the public delivery community. Our responsibility is, therefore, to be proactive, to exploit and create synergies to increase this radius and raise the profile of the whole complementary, combined public delivery machine by way of running collectively with different operators in order that increasingly humans make use of the community as a whole.
We, therefore, face an interesting venture, that of turning a public rail shipping operator right into a mobility carrier organization which mixes the conventional values of punctuality and reliability with a great enjoy, offering delivered price and complimentary services for clients.

Technological implementation
We couldn’t cope with some of these modifications with our generation, that is helping us to diagnose the state of affairs. Big statistics and information analysis provide us with new answers to use and bring us in the direction of our user’s way to the apps with which we are able to have interaction and provide a nearly customized remedy.
For a majority of these motives, we retain to choose to digitise the employer in any respect levels. Having ultra-modern-technology gear will enable us to hurry up the roll-out of these kinds of adjustments and meet users’ desires more speedy. The roll-out of technology is consequently a valuable a part of our 10/30 Strategic Agenda.

In fact, alongside the advent of this schedule, one among FGC’s technological partnerships has already begun to undergo fruit. As of remaining May, customers of Ferrocarrils de Los Angeles Generalitat de Catalunya have at their disposal Geotren, an app that makes it feasible to geolocate our trains in real-time. This device allows customers to see in which on its adventure a teach is, its vacation spot, how full each teach is, the subsequent stops and whether or not it’s far on time.

Geotren is a superb example of wherein we’re going; an urban society with sustained growth on the way to want innovation and era to manage itself increasingly more efficiently. The United Nations predicts that by 2050 the sector populace living in cities can have long gone from the present day 55 in line with cent to 68 consistent with cent. There might be 41 megacities with over 10 million population. Barcelona will not be this type of, however its conurbation will in reality account for properly over 6 million human beings, making it a key metropolis in southern Europe, the center of a Euroregion including Occitania (southern France), Aragon, the Valencia vicinity and Murcia, and the capital of a country with a territory as complex as Catalonia.

For all these motives, we can continue to behave as agent remodeling realities in Catalonia and Barcelona, supplying a simple provider to make interplay among human beings viable, an undertaking we had been gratifying ever for the reason that our corporation turned into setting up forty years ago. Now, however, we can be doing so within the know-how that our global is the entire global, mo

We enroll in films and music, why now not transport?

Many mainstays in our lives – telephones, non-public song libraries, and films – commenced as pay-as-you-move services. But subscription services are beginning to rule, from iTunes shifting to Apple Music, and “all-you-can-watch” subscriptions to the Netflix catalog.

It must be no surprise subscription services were growing fast, with an estimated marketplace proportion of US$420 billion inside the US in 2015. And boom prices are increasing, with predicted sales increases of twenty-two% throughout the market in 2019.
Its time transport became the next home for subscription offerings. This shift may additionally have already begun with subscriber-based totally e-scooters in Brisbane and worldwide growth in Mobility as a Service (MaaS), which connects multiple modes of delivery under one app.

It gained’t be lengthy earlier than many cities find life without a car even simpler, and likely even less expensive.
Is transport prepared for subscriptions?

Few humans understand they have already got a model of delivery subscription. Car drivers pay annual charges for registration, insurance, and financing. Sure, they pay for gasoline, but they are probably endorsed to power much less frequently if they had to weigh the value of every automobile ride in phrases of fees.

Other than toll roads, Australia has no road or congestion-pricing – a surcharge for drivers who use roads at busy instances. So this excessive “subscription” value of automobile possession encourages extra riding to reduce in keeping with-kilometer expenses.

Public shipping, then again, is commonly pay-as-you-go in Australia – periodical tickets had been eliminated in some states, with the introduction of contactless cards.
The prices of each trip are consciously calculated and there may be little reward for a transit consumer’s loyalty to an operator. In reality, the extra journey ends at extra prices and consequently discourages riders from using the carrier. It’s tough to assume bingeing an entire season on Netflix when you have to pay for every episode.

Subscription to move offerings could encourage the use and promote riders to commit to more sustainable options.

Weekly or month-to-month ticketing is a start, and bundling greater modes, for instance, trip-sharing or bike-hire, might not be tough to imagine.
Brisbane’s e-scooter scene sees delivery shifting to subscription services

Brisbane has been at the vanguard of new shipping revolutions, hosting the most important and maximum a success e-scooter sharing trial in Australia. And soon, the city’s e-scooter scene becomes a herbal test in whether subscription services can outcompete pay-as-you-move services. During the trial, Lime become extremely profitable, with Brisbane being one in all quickest towns within the global to reach 1 million rides in much less than six months of deployment. But they now face stiff competition.

Brisbane City Council determined to create an e-scooter duopoly to foster opposition, main the enterprise Neuron to enroll in Lime in presenting e-scooter offerings within the town. We expect Neuron to launch in Brisbane within the coming month or.