The military is searching ahead to getting to know from the experience of the Syria conflict with a big scale joint exercising planned with Russia later this year, Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa has said.

Describing Ex Indra 2019 – so that it will involve the air pressure, navy, and military – as an `important enjoy’, the Air Chief said that the exercising can be themed around joint anti-terrorism operations.

“The most important theme of the exercising may be Joint Anti-Terrorism operations underneath the UN mandate. For us, that is a very crucial experience and the aspects what we would love to learn from you are your enjoy of using the aviation in opposition to terrorists in Syria,” the officer said in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda, the legit newspaper of the Russian army.

The Air Chief, who visited Russia closing week and flew a Yak a hundred thirty teacher plane, said that Indian pilots are interested in learning from the experience of the Russian air pressure throughout the Syrian operations.

“We also remember the fact that those exercises are very useful for organizing closer contacts and sharing revel in together with your pilots, who understand their aircraft like nobody else. The same aircraft is in provider with us: MiGs, Su-30, Mi-17 – we are piloting the equal machines,” he stated, adding that handiest Indian air force assets could be utilized throughout the exercising.

The air force chief also described the S 400 anti-air device that has been ordered by India, as a `recreation changer’ inside the location.
“They extensively improve the operational talents of our Air Force and Air Defence. This is a completely important second for me since I myself had once been skilled to operate the Pechora anti-aircraft missile machine. Therefore, it becomes a massive occasion for me to see the cutting-edge S-four hundred and compare it with the Air Defense System that I had first of all operated,” he said.

The officer shared that the Indian air pressure is seeking to upgrade its mainstay SU 30 MKI fighter jets and has requested the Russian aspect to percentage technical proposals.
“We at the moment are thinking about the possibility of upgrading the Su-30, which we were running for approximately twenty years. Accordingly, their avionics and weapons structures also want to be modernized. We have requested the Russian side to provide us with the proposals for modernization according to the present-day requirements,” he said.

While the air chief said that there was currently no required of a Yak 130 kind of trainer in the fleet, he said options could be opened for the SU 57 5th technology fighter jet most effective after it enters provider inside the Russian air pressure as a fully operational combat plane.
“Only when it enters in service with the Russian Air Force are we able to can make a selection. We’ll be prepared to don’t forget the matter of its acquisition simplest when we see it in motion and it’s miles presented to us for evaluation,” he said.
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