Jenna Dewan is honestly our definition of parenting goals. The Step Up actress is operating tough to make sure that her 6-yr-old daughter, Everly, whom she co-mother and father with ex-husband Channing Tatum, is growing up to be a nicely-rounded individual. This consists of teaching her to have empathy for others, getting her involved in charitable endeavors at an early age, and assisting her to learn to have a wholesome body photograph, specifically with the brought pressures of developing up in Hollywood. But Dewan admits to Parade.Com that parenthood isn’t continually easy breezy. “She has a lot of energy,” says the actress, who jokes that her daily endeavors, when she’s now not in the back of the camera, middle round doing her excellent to hold up with her toddler.

Shutterfly and Baby2Baby recently hosted their annual Back-to-School Celebration at Casita Hollywood in Los Angeles and Dewan changed into on web page to help the taking part youngsters keep for faculty substances. Parade.Com stuck up together with her to speak about her trendy exercising secret—aka “saving mermaids” in the Pacific Ocean with Everly—her outlook on paintings/lifestyles stability, and why she affectionately refers to her daughter as her “little barnacle.”

Why have been you excited to come out and assist Baby2Baby these days?
I love Baby2Baby. I’ve worked with them for years. It’s an splendid corporation that gives essentials to dad and mom and youngsters in want. We have low earnings families from Watts, California, here today. And the truth that they’re capable of getting lower back-to-college materials and matters that all of us want our kids to have is so first-rate! The youngsters these days get to color, they get new supplies and they get pizza. And simply to peer the joy and excitement on the little children’ faces is lovable. I soar on the threat to come to these activities. I definitely find it irresistible.

Is giving back something you are trying to educate your daughter?
Yes, I certainly attempt. A big cost for me together with her is empathy. It’s easy to form of stay for your little bubble however I need her to see that there are different approaches in which people stay and to appreciate and be glad about what we have and continually have the undercurrent of looking to give returned. She’s a totally empathetic little girl so she loves to offer again and make people feel correct.

I wanted to deliver her however today she had a camp. But I simply plan to deliver her to greater Baby2Baby activities within the destiny. There are more than one vacation activities that they’ve hosted that I delivered her to. She loves it. Loves it!
I can’t believe we’re already speakme about again to school. How does Everly like school? Does she have separation anxiety while it’s time to head or is she like “Hi, friends! Bye, mom!”

She’s usually hugging onto mother for lifestyles. She’s the closing child to peel off their mom to enter elegance. We’re going into first grade. I’m questioning if first grade could be a distinct aspect. She loves faculty, however, getting her into the classroom and rancid mother is continually a bit of a method. But the teacher’s paintings with me and they’ve been simply appropriate. I call Evie my little barnacle due to the fact if she may want to, she’d be suctioned to me all the time.

What are you loving approximately the age that she’s at proper now?

It’s high-quality. I love 6. Five changed into exquisite too. It’s like a tiny little person with you. She talks so maturely. It’s like, “Are you 6? Are you 26?” [laughs]. I’m no longer usually certain. She has the sort of character. She’s very robust willed and precise. We have a laugh collectively. We can in reality talk now. It’s like first-rate communication. We just have a blast. She’s my little mini-me. We simply have a whole lot of fun.

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