Seek right medical recommendation before Haj travel, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has reminded pilgrims as a part of the DHA’s ongoing ‘Al-Haj, fitness and happiness’ marketing campaign.

Dr. Badria Al Harmi, director of public health protection branch on the DHA, said: “The most crucial step for any Haj pilgrim is to avail of the necessary vaccines. Ideally, the vaccines should be taken four weeks previous to tour. Every pilgrim should additionally visit their own family medicinal drug medical doctor six to four weeks prior to travel, particularly in the event that they have persistent sicknesses together with diabetes.”

The meningococcal vaccine is mandatory for all pilgrims. Pilgrims are suggested to take the flu vaccine, in particular, humans over 65 years vintage, children underneath 12 years vintage, pregnant ladies, people with most cancers or terminal illnesses, people with chronic diseases consisting of coronary heart ailment, kidney disorder, diabetes, or respiration disorder. The pneumonia vaccine is usually recommended for immunocompromised patients, the aged and those with persistent illnesses.

Carry clinical reviews, prescriptions, and medications
Hajj pilgrims, particularly those with persistent diseases, to go to their circle of relatives medical doctor four to 6 weeks before the tour. All pilgrims with persistent sicknesses ought to understand their care plan from their doctor earlier than they embark on their pilgrimage. The doctor may also recommend a change in dosage, medicinal drug relying on the modern clinical fame so it is constantly first-class to are seeking for a scientific session earlier than the pilgrimage.

Dr. Al Harmi delivered that pilgrims need to convey their prescription and a detailed clinical prognosis and records and preserve it with them always. Pilgrims must convey sufficient stock of their medicines, in particular in the event that they suffer from a chronic sickness that requires them to take medicines frequently.

Diabetics: Keep sugar source accessible
Dr. Al Harmi says that human beings with diabetes may also be at improved danger for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar stages). “During the pilgrimage, diabetics need to display their blood sugar levels greater regularly. They ought to always deliver some kind of sugar supply to treat hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) episodes. They additionally need to make certain they take their medicinal drugs on time to avoid hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).” She added medicinal drugs need to be saved properly in particular medication together with insulin which wishes to be stored at a low temperature.

Avoid spread of germs and stay hydrated
“Pilgrims ought to no longer percentage their prayer mat; they need to no longer contact their eyes, nose or mouth without washing fingers. Hand hygiene, specially prior to eating food is an vital measure to avoid catching germs,” stated Dr. Al Harmi. “To keep away from dehydration and heat exhaustion, it’s far important to stay properly hydrated and keep away from long exposure to sun rays.”

Al Harmi brought that it is important for people to recognize the signs and symptoms and symptoms of warmth exhaustion. “High body temperature, fatigue, nausea, cramps, thirst, headaches or immoderate sweating are a number of the main signs. The pilgrim have to circulate far from sunny locations, cool their body with cold water and head to the closest clinical facility or touch their marketing campaign doctor at once.”
Hygiene and health safety measures

“At the end of Hajj, a few guys shave their heads. It could be very important to be conscious that non-sterile blades can transmit blood-borne infections, which includes hepatitis B. They ought to only go to licensed barbers at formally distinct centers. Moreover, a disposable unmarried-use blade or your private razor has to be used. Never proportion shaving equipment with others and do now not walk barefoot to ensure no used needle or razor can prick your leg,” counseled Dr. Al Harmi. “After the pilgrimage, it’s miles vital to relaxation and drinks plenty of fluids to assist the body recover.”

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