With dengue taking an alarming turn inside the capital, Selina Begum did her excellent to protect her own family members from the viral disease.

The mom of two carried out sprays used mosquito nets even all through daytime, kept all her rooms easy and destroyed all the ability breeding resources at her home.

But nevertheless, her son Tahsin Ibn Hasan, six and a 1/2, were given dengue fever. He changed into admitted to a metropolis health center on Wednesday.

“I changed into an alert. I became cautious. Yet my son has dengue,” a distressed Selina, a housewife, instructed this correspondent at the hospital the day gone by.

She suspects her boy was bitten by way of mosquitoes that bred someplace in an underneath-creation building near her rented flat in Tejgaon.

This is among a few eighty toddler dengue patients who had been being treated on the Holy Family Hospital within the metropolis’s Eskaton the day prior to this.

Talking to The Daily Star, Lutful Ehsan Fatmi, head of the sanatorium’s Department of Child Health, stated the range of dengue sufferers was growing every day.

The scenario there indicates that kids, with their vulnerable immune systems, have been vulnerable to the disease, the doctor said, adding that they by no means had this sort of a large number of dengue sufferers at a time.

He termed the situation a dengue epidemic.

He additionally said maximum children have been stricken by hemorrhagic dengue which means they might bleed from their organs. “It is quite risky,” he stated.

On Wednesday, Dr. Ezaz Ahmed, director of the non-public health center, said they have been treating 121 dengue patients that day.

Experts stated the variety of dengue patients within the metropolis became at the upward thrust due to various motives, including a lack of awareness approximately the ailment and its prevention.

The common signs and symptoms encompass high fever, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Child sufferers show the equal symptoms because the adults, they said.

Data from the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) show that a few 5,546 humans have been inflamed with the virus between January 1 and July 18.

Five of them died.

The DGHS has specific records about 2,176 of the 5,546. Of them, 645 are youngsters up to eleven years vintage, 857 person men and 674 women, stated Aysha Akhter, assistant director of the directorate’s manage room.

Doctors and clinic officers, however, said the real numbers would be higher as many dengue cases cross unreported. Besides, a massive number of these sufferers are kids, they added.

Asked about the difficulty, Prof Abdul Aziz, a former director of Shishu Hospital, entreated all to stay alert.

“Every circle of relatives desires to be extraordinarily cautious as Aedes mosquitoes breed in clean water. Mosquito sprays should be carried out on a regular basis,” he said, stressing on the need for taking child patients to hospitals immediately as their immune systems are not that robust.

He also recommended giving them adequate liquid meals.

Kinkar Ghosh, an epidemiologist at the general public health center, said 168 dengue patients have been admitted there seeing that March and of them died.

The DGHS, however, does now not have any facts on the two, in keeping with its officials.

Kinkar said the pattern of dengue this yr has been a touch different from that in the beyond. He said the sufferers had been turning into vital just after the primary day of fever.

Earlier, doctors used to endorse sufferers to come back to hospitals 3 days after catching the flu.

This yr, they have additionally observed new signs and results, consisting of loose movement, pneumonia, and renal failure stated Kinkar.

The serotype of the virus has seemingly modified, he said, adding that they have been but to discover why.

On Wednesday, the High Court stated the dengue scenario in the capital become nothing brief of a virulent disease and slammed the two metropolis groups in Dhaka for their failure to fight the mosquito menace.

A range of city dwellers additionally complained that they did now not see any steps from the 2 metropolis companies in this regard.

“In recent times, I did now not locate any hobby of the metropolis organization. Neither did I listen to any sound of a fogging gadget,” said Nishad Sabera, a resident of Maghbazar.

Her daughter, Audrija Shampriti Joyeta, 14, has been undergoing remedy on the Holy Family Hospital on account that July 13.

“My daughter could not take a take a look at because of dengue fever,” she introduced.

Contacted, Chief Health Officer of Dhaka North City Corporation Mominur Rahman Mamun said they had been planning to create some agencies, which might inspire people to damage Aedes larvae.

The agencies might additionally deliver scientific kits to all the healthcare centers in DNCC regions to diagnose dengue fever quickly. “The circulate will assist make sure remedy right away,” he said.

Dhaka South City Corporation Chief Health Officer Brig Gen Md Sharif Ahmed stated they had been emphasizing on constructing focus on dengue via campaigns concerning academic institutions, NGOs and mosques.

He said they might soon shape fifty-seven committees in 57 wards of the town so that mosquito breeding grounds have been destroyed.

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